Justin Atkinson asks you to bring a friend to the polls.

“Poll a Friend Along”

My Dear fellow citizens of Mount Pleasant,

I would first like to express my deep appreciation for those who supported me through the recent primary election last August.  I continue to seek your support in the quickly approaching general election on November 5th.  I believe that this is a historical election in regards to the direction that our beloved City moves in the coming years.  There are many challenges that we will face in the immediate and distant future ranging from infrastructure to sustaining and promoting economic growth, recreation to public safety and many others.  I feel that it will be very important for the shaping of our City as we head into the future that we elect experienced and determined people who are ready and willing to tackle these challenges head on and find sound and practical solutions while at the same time keeping the best interests of the Community in mind.  That is why I seek your vote in November; I feel I can bring the experience and knowledge necessary to effectively serve you and your interests, together we can move into the future with a brightness of hope in knowing that our Community will continue to be the safe and enjoyable place that we have come to love.

We had an extraordinary turnout in August.  However, there is still room for improvement.  That is why I have started the “Poll a Friend Along” campaign.  I would challenge each of those who voted last August to join me in this effort.  Each of us knows someone who, for whatever reason did not vote in the Primary Election.  Please make a valiant effort to find that someone and help them to understand the privilege and duty that it is to exercise the right to vote, one of the many rights that those who have gone before as well as those who serve now have fought to defend.  Let us make a concerted effort to reach out to the up and coming generation that they may understand the significant role that they play in the shaping of the future in our Communities and Nation.  This being said, please find that person or those persons that you know and see them on through to the polls, assisting them in whatever way necessary, that they might feel the sense of patriotism as they drop their vote into the ballot box.

Warmest Regards,

Justin Atkinson
Mount Pleasant City Council Member

Provided by the Re-elect Atkinson for Council Campaign
“Higher and Higher Straight up We’ll Climb”
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